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Mothballed vehicles

We recommend if you have mothballed vehicles due to the current situation, you continue to carry out some routine checks where possible.

We’re anticipating a high volume of calls once operations resume again, therefore we will be increasing resource in the defect reporting call centre.

We’re liaising with our service partners to ensure they are also planning for the peak and can support accordingly.

Please carry out the advised regular checks below, as this will assist us with a smoother return to operation following the lockdown being lifted:

  • Start and run the vehicles frequently to keep the battery charged and engine components free from defects.
  • Move the vehicle around if possible and operate the brakes to keep them free from seizing.
  • Check and operate items as you would during a normal daily check, tyres, lights, wipers, fans, cranes and tail lifts. Please see below the DVSA guidance:

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