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TFL temporarily suspends congestion charge, ulez and low emission zone

Transport for London recently announced that all road user charging schemes in London will not be in operation until further notice.

Following a request by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, TFL took action to help ensure London’s critical workers are able to travel round the capital as easily as possible during the national emergency.

In addition to the NHS staff, the suspension also helps other critical workers get to work, and allows essential deliveries to take place with more flexibility for fleet operators.

For many critical workers, driving is the simplest option to travel especially when roads should only be used by those taking essential journeys.

We are currently supporting many customers 24/7 as they operate to support the medical, food and infrastructure demands that this crisis brings; the news of the charging suspension is therefore very well received.

During these unprecedented times the suspension of these charging schemes could be subject to change at any time. Please ensure you refer to the link below for the latest information from TFL.


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