Restrictions on movements (if you no longer have access to your operating centre)

fleet operators

What steps do I need to take?

Where a standard operator temporarily loses access to an operating centre as a result of restrictions imposed during the outbreak, traffic commissioners will give serious consideration to the grant of a grace period to operate from an alternative site.

The Senior Traffic Commissioner has set a starting point of 4 months grace period for qualifying operators. They have allowed for a maximum period of 6 months should the circumstances require.

A traffic commissioner will wish to be satisfied as to where the vehicles will be parked in the alternative site. It is recognised that during the period of the outbreak it may not be practical to lodge an application for a new operating centre, which may only be required for temporary use.

What if I have a Restricted licence?

Restricted licence holders do not have the facility to request a grace period but should notify the traffic commissioner for direction as to how to proceed.

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